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"I love The Paperclip Method. I have always had this dream of writing something. Your method took away the fear I had of simply getting started. The flow of writing came easier, knowing I wasn't pressured to have a start and a finish. It's making the creative process of writing much more enjoyable." ~Cynthia Williams

5.0 out of 5 stars
Good starter workbook
ByMr M Lloyd (Amazon.co.uk)
"I really liked this book as this was the first novel workbook that I actually completed! I found that I was able to personalise the exercises...I managed to produce 95 pages of typed up text with this workbook, and found I really grew as a writer and understood the importance of using some life experience in novel writing. I am glad I used this workbook."

"I'm writing more than ever." Adam Momkowitz

"Your conversational tone makes your workbooks the best I've found. I love the writing process you outline, and I love your tutorial touches."
~ Lisa Joss

"The Paperclip Method has been especially helpful in trying to order the chaos."
~Pippa Spence, UK

"Listening to Michelle Richmond explain the Paperclip Method renewed my interest in the story. Her method involves writing in scenes or short pieces...Once you have enough small pieces, you arrange them into stacks... Scenes with specific characters might have their own stacks...Maybe a parallel storyline that seems inconsequential but presents a hidden meaning for the main story in the end. Eventually, you study your stacks and piece your story together. Like a quilt! Like one of my twisted pieces of jewelry! These start out with small pieces that are seemingly unrelated, but eventually make up a work of art." ~Joanne Huspek

"I like that you have put a process to my whirlwind creative state. It's very useful to have something providing structure while not restricting my own process. Each workbook has been invaluable in my journey to write my novel. So far, I have written 400+ pages using your method...I have always loved writing, but to write so much toward one creative project blew my mind."
~ Erica O'Rourke

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NOVEL STARTER: 50 Days of Inspiration and Advice to Get Your Novel off the Ground

If you want to write a novel but don’t know where to begin, NOVEL STARTER can help. The workbook features 50 days of exercises and writing advice to help you begin your novel using the fundamental elements of narrative craft: dialogue, setting and description, point of view, plot, and characterization.

Arranged in a daily progression to help you get the most out of your writing practice. Craft-based exercises, free-flow exercises, and ten-minute prompts lead up to a series of imaginative flash fiction/chapter assignments. Whether you want to find your subject, punch up your dialogue, learn how to create dramatic tension, or mine your life for material, this workbook will help you get your novel off the ground.




Every really good story is character-driven. But what makes a great character? Is it someone we can relate to, someone whose pain we feel deeply, someone whose voice mysteriously draws us in? The Novelist’s Guide to Character shows you how to create complex characters capable of holding the reader’s interest and moving the story forward. Complete a comprehensive character dossier to get to know your characters inside out. Exercises are combined with solid advice on craft to take you step-by-step through the process of creating characters the reader will care about.



THE PAPERCLIP METHOD: The No-Outline Novel Workbook

Building on the work you’ve done in Novel Starter and The Novelist’s Guide to Character, The Paperclip Method helps you find meaningful connections among short pieces and weave those pieces into a compelling and cohesive narrative. Find the best structure for your novel and apply principles of the narrative arc to your work. Learn how to use patterning to create suspense, how to build tension throughout the book, and how to bring your story to a surprising but logical conclusion. Upon completion of The Paperclip Method, you will have a complete working draft of your novel or memoir.



The next step is revising your novel for publication. That’s where Next Draft, the fourth and final workbook in the series, comes in. Next Draft will help you identify larger issues in your work, revising for structure as well as on a sentence-by-sentence level. Have you chosen the right point of view for your story? Where does the dramatic tension lag? How clear and meaningful is your story arc? Next Draft will help you transform your first draft into a manuscript that will capture the attention of an agent or publisher. A newly revised publishing appendix will help you decide whether traditional or independent publishing is right for you, and guide you through the steps to getting your novel out into the world.

Download Next Draft