Plot & write your novel with The Paperclip Method

Have you been struggling to write (and follow) an outline? Has all of your well-intentioned planning led your story astray? If your outline is giving you headaches instead of answers, then THE PAPERCLIP METHOD is for you. The Paperclip Method will help you plot and write your novel without tethering you to a failed outline. This is the third workbook in the four-part series. The Paperclip Method workbook can be used alone or with Novel Starter, The Complete Character, and Next Draft.

The exercises in this workbook will help you find meaningful connections among short pieces and weave those pieces into a cohesive narrative. Find the best structure for your novel and discover holes in your plot. Learn how to use patterning to create suspense, how to build tension throughout the book, and how to bring your story to a surprising but logical conclusion. Upon completion of this workbook, you will have a complete draft of your novel or memoir.

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